Lost City of Vampires

Published on 7. Oktober 2020 by

Lost City of Vampires is free2play on Steam it is a Battleroyael with vampires, werwolfes etc. you have to kill all 100 creatues on the map while the map shrinkes over time. you are always in search of ammo and health so this game is pushing you constant forward in survival. There are some mysterious clues and puzzles to solve while playing more and more. The Game was created by the same Person that did „Last Half of Darkness“ Series and Bloodlust. The Game looks very good, the audio is moody for the situation and it just makes fun to play. Negative is that there are not enough players and only bots plus there is no longtime motivation. Anyway for FREE a very nice game to play, so get and kill some vamps ?! https://store.steampowered.com/app/993810/Lost_City_of_Vampires/

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